Kahungunu says TPP is a denial of democracy

By Ripeka Timutimu

Ngāti Kahungunu say the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a denial of democracy and they will continue to fight against its recognition in New Zealand law.

That from Māori lawyer Moana Jackson after the court ordered Trade Minister Tim Groser this week to take a fresh look at a request for information on TPP negotiations.

Jackson says, “Clearly the government had tried to withhold information in ways that were in breach of the OIA and it was nice to have that reaffirmed by a court.”

The Waitangi Tribunal declined an application for an urgent hearing by Moana Jackson and others in opposition to the TPP.

But with the political support of the Greens, a case against the TPP could gain momentum.

According to Greens MP Marama Davidson, “The Greens have known for a long time the downsides to this agreement.  The TPP isn't for everyone.”

Davidson says the sovereignty of Parliament could be usurped by the TPP, “They need to release the full text to everyone so we can discuss the details contained in it.”

Minister Groser's office says he will allow time for officials to review the judgment and provide advice.