Kahungunu Whānau Services help move whānau into housing

By Jessica Tyson

Now that the country is at Alert Level 3 Wellington-based Kahungunu Whānau Services is working to move whānau from emergency housing into transitional housing.

The CEO of Kahungunu Whānau Services Ali Hamlin-Paenga says transitional housing allows the service to work with whānau to provide long term care.

“After the blessing of the house, we talk about whanau goals, plan whakamana whānau; supporting them into engaging healthy relationships.”

They also provide financial coaching and programmes about how to look after the property. Transitional housing allows whānau accommodation for up to three months but can be extended depending on the situation.

“We will continue to work with them until they are ready and to secure more permanent housing, working closing with the Ministry of Housing.”

Kahungunu Whānau Services also supports whānau with chronic health conditions, drug and alcohol addictions, and those in intergenerational homes to stay safe.