Kai Kara-France lives up to his nickname 'Don't Blink'

By Te Ao - Māori News
Photo / File

Kai Kara-France has put his nickname 'Don't Blink' to stunning good use with an incredible first-round TKO against Brazilian fighter Rogerio Bontorin at UFC259 on Sunday night (NZ time).

This was the Māori fighter's fifth win and first TKO in seven UFC appearances.

Kara-France was on the backfoot the whole round, defending Bontorin's excellent ground game and trying to avoid submission. The match behind closed doors in Las Vegas was called twice by commentator and former UFC champion Daniel Cormier in Bontorin's favour. 

However, it took only a moment for Kara-France to flip the match and in the blink of an eye deliver a knockout, with a very Mark Hunt-like walk off.

He dedicated the fight to his new-born son Cobi, saying in his post-fight interview, “I love you, bro.”

Kara-France's City Kickboxing teammate Carlos Ulberg was not as fortunate, however, failing to win his UFC debut. After a hard-fought fight, Ulberg was caught by a punch that knocked him to the ground.

There is only one fight left for the City Kickboxing team tonight, the main event, Israel Adesanya vs Jan Blochowicz.