Kaikohe community take a stand against sexual violence and abuse

The community of Kaikohe will make a united stand against sexual abuse and sexual violence against girls, boys and women.

At 10 am this morning a march will be held up the main street of the small Northland town followed by a public meeting this evening to explore ways of ending sexual abuse within their community.

The goal is establish and roll out a 6 month project working on implementing ideas that will help combat sexual abuse and sexual violence.

The local initiative follows the MASSIVE (Men Against Sexual Violence) hikoi and ongoing collaboration between Stop Demand Foundation and the Kaikohe community.

Kaikohe community leader, Mike Shaw, says, “There are many good men in our community who have remained silent too long. It’s not someone else’s problem, it’s our problem. As men we need to address this hidden hurt that is devastating the lives of our boys, girls and women. These are our sons, our daughters, nephews, nieces and sisters. We have to face it and bring healing to survivors and perpetrators.”

Alex Tango, a local survivor of childhood sexual abuse has challenged her community to “stand up, speak out and take action against sexual violence”.

Agencies and individuals working with both victims and survivors and perpetrators of sexual crimes, form a crucial part of the Kaikohe project.