Kaikohe dad says lockdown has brought his whānau closer together

By D'Angelo Martin

A Northland whānau in Kaikohe is being productive during this four week lockdown period. Each day the Rameka whānau will devote a few hours to sit together to complete school and written work.

Mutunga Rameka, the dad of the house, says although his eldest boys work full-time doing physical work because they are all now in isolation the learning incentives at home are done as a whānau.

The whānau are making good use of their time during this lockdown.

Everyone is provided with a different topic to write and learn about, some are completing schoolwork, while one is planning for kōhanga reo. The eldest boys, however, discuss and write about the effects of COVID-19. 

"Even though their jobs don't require them to do paperwork, doing this mahi together as a whānau is what I thought would be best, and it is. So they're given something different to write about every day," Mutunga Rameka says.

He says the lockdown has definitely brought his whānau closer together, everyone is included and involved. 

"There have been so many benefits from doing this, I've seen the older ones interacting more with their siblings and the two older boys are really engaged with what they need to do. Although everyone is learning and writing about different things, as a collective the discussion on the table has been awesome."

They commit to karakia every night and share what they do during the day on social media.

"We will be wanting to compose some items, perhaps a mōteatea talking about this virus. Create some proverbs, some sayings about the current situation"

The Rameka whānau will continue their home learning and all the other activities that they do as a whānau for the duration of this lockdown period.