Kaimoana comes second to safety - Diver

By Talisa Kupenga

Summer is seafood season and with more people keen to get in the water Diver Donovan Busby wants divers to stay alert to ensure their safety in the water these holidays.

A reminder to divers out catching a feed this summer.

Diver Donovan Busby tod Te Kāea, “Kaimoana sometimes has to come second to safety because safety is paramount. For whānau going out there, it's important that they go home to their families and their loved ones."

Busby says not checking the weather, diving new spots, and not having the right plan or equipment can sometimes lead to trouble.

"A lot of people can be overconfident in the water and what I've learned is that no matter how good of a diver you are Tangaroa has a way of humbling you and putting the dive trip into perspective."

While out fishing yesterday in Russell, Busby saw a group diving a spot known to be dangerous among locals.

"They didn't have their full kit. They were in shoes and had basic goggles and garden gloves with a sack and they were struggling because this place where they were diving, the current is quite strong there and obviously they must have been from out of town because the locals they actually stay away from there. I was on the boat and just made sure to keep an eye on them and I made sure they were ok."

During the year Busby teaches a youth diving course where his students understand the importance of water safety.

"The basic safety rule is to have a dive buddy so if you get in trouble they are there. Second, know the area you are diving in and get some local knowledge. Third, just don't dive in other people's rohe where they might get over-protective. That could become a safety issue."

So far 85 people have drowned this year, six of those deaths were related to collecting seafood.