Kaitāia couple encourage people to stay home with waiata

By Bronson Perich

Kaitāia couple Connie and Tony Hassan have been doing karakia and waiata online through the lockdown. They say that they have enjoyed being locked down.

Connie Hassan says, “I think it’s been a wonderful experience.”

Husband Tony says, “We’ve appreciated spending the time together, with our whānau,”

Connie Hassan says she believes that the lockdown has been a sort of ‘collective strengthening’. They have used waiata and karakia to contribute to that strengthening.

“I think we really wanted to reiterate the stay safe message in a positive way,” Connie says.

It goes beyond singing and karakia. Connie explains how people have reached out to them, and how they’ve been able to help.

“They’ve wanted a listening ear, or where they could go for help,” Connie says.

“I think particularly people have been on their own, bubbled down by themselves.”

They began their Tapatahi performance with the following caveat.

“We don’t profess to be singers Shane!”.

“But if you can use what little gift we have to awhi, and tautoko people, then it’s a gift.”

They performed their own version of ‘Never on a Sunday’. A song that they arranged to encourage people to stay home.