Kara Webb pushed to her limits

One of the top female CrossFitters in the world, Kara Webb, opened up about being carried off in a stretcher at this year's CrossFit Games and how she sees Kiwi CrossFitters.

Kara Webb is one of the most recognisable faces in CrossFit, qualifying to compete at the CrossFit Games in America for the last four years.

She says, “I'm just slowly getting into training just safely, making sure that everything is ticking over again.”

This year was her hardest year yet, overheating in the gruelling workout called "Murph".

Though she was carried off in a stretcher and put on a drip to recover, she still carried on with her games campaign.

Webb says, “It was 100% of my willpower and for that I feel really proud and I think I'm the happiest of the year, of all the years that I've been there for that reason alone.”

Living just across the ditch, the Kiwi style of CrossFit hasn't gone unnoticed.

“They're willing to work, like workhorses. They just want to work out hard, but all kind of having fun as well. No-one seems like overly competitive with each other in a bad way, they all kind of have a really good spirit about them,” says Webb.

Overall, Webb finished with a 5th place world ranking and says her experience at the games has only strengthened her resolve for next year.