Kaumātua Eru Thompson will be sorely missed

By Heeni Brown

“He was, perhaps, a weaver who wove together all our tribes under the umbrella of the King Movement.”  Those are the words used by Tukoroirangi Morgan to best describe Eru Thompson, who passed away in earlier in the week.

According to Te Warena Taua, “The past few days have all been the same, the Māori King and the Queen of Rarotanga, and many influential leaders from all over NZ have come, literally thousands and not only is our marae honoured, but also Eru and his whānau with their arrival.”

“Who will now fill the huge shoes left behind by Eru?  That is the big question our elders brought up when they stood to speak.” says Mr Taua.

Loved and treasured by the thousands without a doubt, Eru Thompson will be sorely missed.