Kaumātua village opens in Hamilton

By Harata Brown

In Hamilton, the collective efforts of Te Rūnanga of Kirikiriroa and Te Rauawaawa Charitable Kaumatua Trust has seen five new retirement houses opened today. 

This is the second lot of houses to be opened in the Moa Crescent Kaumatua Village in Hamilton, and the Minister for Whānau Ora, Tariana Turia says their work is the personification of Whānau Ora.

A brand new haven has been opened.

The establishment of the retirement village is a joint operation between by Te Rünanga o Kirikiriroa and Rauawaawa Trust.

Rauawaawa will provide health and well-being services to those seniors residing here. 

Today, a group of Aboriginal people from Australia, who also work to prevent homelessness amongst Aboriginal people in their own lands, were also present.

They are here in NZ to learn from Māori social housing initiatives.

The land and five houses cost just under $900,000, and now Te Rünanga o Kirikiriroa and Waikato-Tainui are working towards more affordable housing for the people on Shakespeare Ave in Hamilton.