Kawerau marae takes in flood victims

Rautahi Marae in the Bay of Plenty town of Kawerau is housing more than 40 victims of the Edgecumbe flood.

More than 2000 people around the Bay of Plenty have been cut off and many in isolated areas are stuck in their homes.

Kawe Kōrero Reporters spoke with two koroua from Rautahi Marae who say everyone there is happy to have somewhere warm to stay.

Te Hau Kawakawa Te Rire says, “At the moment, everything is going well.”

“We have not flooded and it hasn't rained here, it all went over to Taheke. So at the moment Kawerau is fine.”

Donations of food and clothing have been pouring in to the marae for the victims who lost everything in the flood.

“You have to feel sorry for them and think about this region at this time,” says Te Rire.

Chairman of the marae, Te Waraki Te Ruki, says more than 80 people were at the marae during the interview with Kawe Kōrero.

Many families of the flood victims were there in support.

He says, “It is sad for the elderly. They are shocked.”

Rautahi Marae will remain open for the flood victims until Monday, when the marae will reassess the situation.