Key bombs out at Big Gay Out

By Taroi Black

The power of kapa haka has provided a new stage for Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transsexual rights. Members of the group, "Ahakoa he aha, he tangata", performed at the Big Gay Out in Auckland in front of more than 12,000 people. The group believe they have the right to practise a tradition handed down by their ancestors.

A women in The Big Gay Out crowed was making a clear statement, “How dare you!”

But Prime Minister John Key put on a brave face as he took centre stage in front of an angry mob full of colour.

However earlier on Labour Party were welcomed with open arms.

Louisa Wall says there's still work to be done, “We still have challenges particularly around our rangatahi and our schools need to be a lot more responsive."

That's another reason why this kapa haka team called "Ahakoa te aha".

“We're a gay group open to all our community and this is group is about us being free in haka. Regardless of who we are we are still human beings and that is the philosophy behind the name of our group” says James Hudson, leader of the kapa haka group.

The Big Gay Out continues to grow in numbers with the hope that the gay community is treated equally in society.