Key pushes for Clark

By Ripeka Timutimu

Prime Minister John Key talked TPP with US President Barack Obama and if progress is possible in his congress before his departure later this year.

The leaders were treated to 22 performances by local Laos people.

Unfortunately for Key, he didn't have quite enough time with Obama to tick all the boxes.

Even Prime Minister John Key admits that when Barack Obama walks in the room, all eyes are on him.

Key says, “He's always the kind of star attraction and that's really because of the role the United States plays as a local superpower.”

His every move watched and recorded, Key was lucky enough to catch Obama's ear but Helen Clark's bid to the UN didn't make the cut.

We don't know which leaders supported Clark, what we do know though is that some Māori leaders are not.

Marama Fox says, “The Prime Minister can have his discussion with whoever he chooses.

The Māori Party still stands firm with their decision.”

Key says, “I did have a 5 minute chat to Dmitry Mednedev, the Russian PM and he said that we were in for a tough conversation today and I said not really just as long as you remember these two words, Helen Clark, we will be fine.”

Fox says, “While she has said her record stands for itself, we have reminded her that she needs to include the things she did here in NZ in respect to indigenous rights.”

Tonight, the Prime Minister will head off to Pohnpei in Micronesia for the Pacific Islands Forum to discuss issues like climate change and fishing with leaders of the Pacific.