Key wants Harawira to lose Tai Tokerau seat

By Maiki Sherman

The election is so tight John Key has no shame in endorsing his opposition.  Yes, John Key wants Hone Harawira to lose, meaning a loss for the Internet Party - more importantly - Kim Dotcom.  The Opposition says it’s another case of dirty politics.  

However, National aren't the only ones thinking that way.  

The Māori Party has also discussed the strategy.  Te Ururoa Flavell says, “Yes, there has been discussions over this issue, but there hasn't yet been anything finalised.”

 “Voters shouldn't listen to John Key, they should give their vote to whoever they want to,” says Kelvin Davis.

Given just how tight the polls are between Harawira and Davis, the main question is whether John Key's endorsement will have an impact?

Looking at the party vote support for National in Māori Television's Te Tai Tokerau poll it has them on 10%, so it just might. 

Te Ururoa says, “Hone is no different than any other candidate, this is a competition and a test.”

The election is certainly a battle and it seems its one to the death.