King defeats England's Sarah-Jane Perry to win gold

By Rahia Timutimu

Joelle King has defeated England's Sarah-Jane Perry winning the final in the women's singles, a first for the Ngāti Porou player, an achievement that has taken her eight years to win gold.  

King has made history becoming the first single players to win Gold in the 20 years of Squash in the Commonwealth Games.    

King says, "I can't believe that actually because we have such rich history of squash and especially women's squash we have always been strong so it's another thing to be proud of leading that small piece of history."  

King defeated England's Sarah-Jane Perry in the final of the women's singles. But she admits it wasn't an easy feat, with the English player giving it her all. 
"I came here, I wanted to win gold, it was a very different Joelle King to twelve months ago to what I am now. To be honest, I am proud of the fact I left it all out there today, and even if I lost I gave it absolutely everything." 

It was the 29-year-old's third attempt at Gold, having to settle for Bronze in Glasgow in 2014, and only managing a Gold and Silver in the Doubles at the Delhi Games in 2010.   

King says, "It's taken a few years of learning and listening, and opening myself up to new adventures, new coach and a new base, it makes that all worthwhile."

Ongoing injuries had her sidelined for nine months, but the 4th ranked in the World has managed to turn her misfortunes around.  

The injury three years ago was probably one of the thought times as well, it can be a career-ending injury the Achilles rupture for one and I was out for nine months, and coming back and was exciting."

"But it was a realization when I did come back that the game had moved on and players had improved, and the game had become way better, the level was much higher than when I was fourth in the world last time," says King.    

King now turns her sights on the Doubles.