King Tuheitia gets political

By Heeni Brown

King Tuheitia gave insight as what his political leanings are in a rare unscripted moment during his annual address on the closing day of the King's 10th anniversary of his Coronation.

It was off the cuff and it was political. The King releasing his slant on Labour.

Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta says, “We need to remember that was something he's already said in the past at the time of elections. Who knows what will come of it? but I still believe and will stick to Labour.”

Labour weren't the only ones featuring in the King's critique.

"New Zealand First I don't know about those fellas, he might be a Māori but he doesn't act like one, but he got the name right New Zealand First, we were here first," Kingi Tuheitia said.

His thoughts in favour of a Māori Party and Mana alliance.

"If Mana and Māori sort of collate or do something together, we're just about there we got Mana Māori."

Māori party MP Marama Fox says, “I've said right from when I went into Parliament, I've always reached out to them to fix whatever issues we might have. It's not like we fight with Mana but we just need to get into it and work together.”

Politics to the side, the people of Waikato-Tainui had a mass performance. Speeches included topical Māori issues. All in agreed all tribes need to be better united.

King Tuheitia celebrates his 10th Coronation and believes he'll see his reign continue through to his 11th year.