King Tūheitia places rāhui on Waikato, Waipā Rivers

By Te Ao - Māori News

King Tuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII has announced that a rāhui has been placed on the Waikato, Waipā rivers along with waterways in the Waikato region.

He said, "For many people here in Waikato, our rivers and waterways are a source of spiritual uplifting. During these trying times, they need to rejuvenate as well.

"I am placing a raahui on the Waikato, Waipaa rivers and our waterways so they can rejuvenate and remain a source of inspiration for our collective wairua. I ask all Marae and kaumaatua near our rivers to please enact this raahui."

The means that no recreational activity like swimming and other recreational sports should take place in these waterways during the rāhui.

He also encouraged Te Iwi Māori to continue to make decisions that are best for Māori.

King Tūheitia says, "I support all hapū and iwi doing what is right for them - Kia ū ki tō mana motuhake, together let's do what is good for our people."

This rāhui will stay in effect until lifted by King Tūheitia.