Kīngi Tuheitia's sister steps in to represent Kingitanga at Te Teko Poukai

The annual poukai at Kōkohinau Marae, Te Teko reaches its 53rd year.  The Kingitanga was represented by Kīngi Tuheitia's sister Hēni, according to the spokesperson for the Kīngitanga, Rāhui Papa the King is well, but aims to restore his health.

The Kingitanga remains strong in the Mātaatua region with Kingi Tuheitia's sister attending to reaffirm the movement's links at Kōkōhinau Marae.

“He is not well during this time of the year, his doctors have told him to rest, in saying that his sister is here to represent the family and others have also come to do that today,” say Rāhui Papa, Kingitanga spokesperson.

Crowds have attended this Poukai since 1963 and the issues of that day are still relevant today.

“Issues regarding the water, land, treaty settlements of each tribe, we must stand together,” says Tukoirangi Morgan, Waikato-Tainui.

This particular Poukai was initiated by the late Eruera Manuera and it remains a key event for the Kingitanga to reconnect with tribes in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. 

“Every year this is a good opportunity to discuss issues with our Mātaatua relatives,” says Rāhui Papa, Waikato-Tainui.

The next Poukai will be held on February 7 at Taniwha Marae, Ohinewai.