Kiwi advocacy group in Oz sceptical about student loan promise

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

A Kiwi advocacy organisation, 'Iwi in Aus' is sceptical about the Australian Prime Ministers promise to allow access to their country's student loan scheme to Kiwi living there.

Erina Morunga says, “This was promised a few years ago, and the Prime Minister's even talked about it, and it was across the media that it was happening, then in the 11th hour it was dropped.”

Australian law currently prevents kiwi students from applying for a student loan.

“It all ties back to the 2001 legislations that removed our permanent residence status, to become a citizen you need to have a permanent residence status first and all of the loans are attached to citizenship,” added Morunga.

According to Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox, the Australian government needs to act soon, as the kiwi students are frustrated by the situation."

She adds, “For those students undertaking exams right now, they are concerned as to why they're even doing it, if they can't go on to further education.”

Only time will tell whether the promise will be upheld.