Kiwi social media personality detained in Perth

updated By Regan Paranihi

Popular Kiwi social media personality Nicola Adams, also known as Nix Adams, is being held in a detention centre in Perth after arriving in Australian for the first stop of her meet and greet tour.

Adams says she was denied re-entry to Perth due to her criminal record after recently spending time in prison in Australia.

It is expected that she will be deported back to New Zealand tonight.

Adams is famously known for her influence on social media for sharing her experiences and journey as she turns her life around.

Adams departed New Zealand on Monday morning and arrived in Perth where she was held in Immigration for eight hours before she was denied entry into the country.

Before Adams returned to New Zealand earlier this year she had spent time in prison in Perth and Melbourne.

Many of her followers have reached out to give her their love and support, including Lingynoiid, a Māori social media guru living in Perth, who went to the airport to bring Adams clothes and food while she was being detained.

Unfortunately, Lingynoiid was unable to reach Adams in person.

"Her whānau will be so worried," Lingynoiid said in a video posted to Facebook yesterday. 

Adams has since been live on her Facebook page to reassure followers that she's fine and is counting down the time until she is back on New Zealand soil.