Kiwi Tag Blacks create history beating Australia

The New Zealand Open Mens Tag Football team have made history by sweeping their Australian counterparts at the New Zealand Tag Football International Trans-Tasman Series in Auckland.

It's the first time ever New Zealand have beaten Australia, and now there are hopes that through this the game will grow here at home.

The Kiwi Tag Blacks now have bragging rights, after their Trans-Tasman opposition were left flailing today.

Tristan Waipouri - Waikato-Tainui says, “Australia is the pinnacle of this game, they're the guys who made this game, and we've just infiltrated from there and presented what we've got.”

It can only be described as a game you would read about in the history books. The Kiwi Tag Blacks side victors of the Open Mens section at the 2016 New Zealand Tag Football International Trans-Tasman Series.

Waipouri says, “This is the first time ever in a Trans- Tasman in probably the last 8 years that New Zealand has won this. So for us it's a proud moment we just made history today which is unbelievable.”

Besides the victory today, there are still two games remaining to play.

Daryl Sanft – Open Mens Captain says, “We've still got goals and the goal is to get that whitewash, and get the remainder of the two games over and done with.”

The Australians still remain a dangerous threat, just because the series is already in the bag doesn't mean the whitewash is promised.

“Going for the whitewash now, but all respect to Aussie we respect them, because they've been the pinnacle for a long time,” says Waipouri.

To also see the Māori dominance in this side.

“Proves to the Australians that they're not the only champions. They are the World Cup champions from last year, but, what it proves to them in four months’ time we can come back stronger,” says Sanft.

With the Tag Football World Cup steadily approaching in August, the Tag Blacks are in good stead.

Sanft says, “If we can stay together, and keep the same core group then we should be fine.”

What better way to celebrate their success before the tournament winds up tomorrow

“Yeah, a few cup of teas tonight. I think so, few coffees,” says Waipouri.

How sweet that cup of tea will be!