Kiwis are taking over Hollywood with Thor:Ragnarok

By Te Kuru o te Marama Dewes

Taika Waititi has assembled a team of New Zealanders for the Thor: Ragnarok project. Actors, production designers, camera operators and stunt coordinators worked together to create the Marvel Universe and in doing helped each other realise childhood dreams.

Actor Cohen Holloway says, “I play ‘Lead Scrapper’ and I'm in it for about 30 seconds,”

The film had two Kiwi production designers.

Co-Production Designer Dan Hennah, “My role really is in making the sets making all the sets making all the props, making sure everything is right the look of the film other than acting and costume.”

Co-Production Designer Ra Vincent says, “As co-production designer, I would role play and dream up all these wonderful things spaceships and weapons and buildings and other planets.”

Camera operator Peter McCaffery says there is a growing community of Kiwis working behind the scenes Hollywood and forging careers throughout the world of cinema.

“When you get some large projects from a country like this that do well Lord of The Rings is a classic example it just propels us into the opportunities to work internationally which is amazing.”

These high flying Kiwis say that creating the Marvel Universe is a childhood dream come true.

Dan Hennah says, “When I was 15 years old the whole Marvel world was my world I bought comics every week with my pocket money.”

Peter McCaffery says, “Childhood dream who wouldn't love working with the likes of Chris, Mark Ruffalo, working with Taika and the environment that was created by them and the Marvel producers it's the stuff of dreams so why would you not do it.”

According to the team, New Zealand viewers will respond to the unique kiwi humour in the film.

“Taika humour, a hell of a lot New Zealand humour and something that the Thor character and franchise hasn't done before,” says Peter McCaffery.

“I've seen it I saw it in LA it's awesome Taika is amazing in it he has a really big role which I think audiences back here will really respond to,” says Rachel House.

Thor: Ragnarok comes out in NZ cinemas tomorrow.