KO win puts Otorohanga on the map

21-year old farm girl Stephanie Trotter is putting her small town of Ōtorohanga on the map. She recently competed at the Young Farmer's Boxing Tournament in Cambridge and made history in the NZ women's corporate boxing scene with a KO win.

“I just went into shock really, can't believe it actually happened,” says Trotter

What she lacks in words Stephanie Trotter makes up for in punches.

Coach Glenn Brightwell told Te Kāea, “I always knew early on if there was anyone who could deliver a knockout shot it would be Steph. I didn't think it would be this early but credit to her for going to the game plan in the knockouts.”

With only three months training for the fight, Brightwell says he knew she had the mental and physical strength to deliver the punches. However, in over 20 years of coaching, he has never seen a result like it.

“As far as all the people I know and official alike and other coaches, never. Never happened. Not saying it hasn't, but it's that rare. Yeah so very early on just that power is uncanny and it's a gift she's got and hopefully, she will use it and get started in the right direction and go well.”

Otorohanga is a small town known for producing big names such as Turanga Brown.

According to Glenn, Stephanie's fight almost mimicked Turanga's fight.

“Turanga Brown was our NZ Champ in 2006, he's a Southpore just like Trotter and it was the same thing he had extreme power and he delivered a really impressive KO blow. She watched that footage about 6-7 times. Funny thing was that was second round, very similar shot, very similar time.”

In no rush to step into the ring again anytime soon, Trotter is taking a break. However, she hopes to put Otorohanga on the map again in the future with hopes to pursue amateur boxing.