Kōkōhinau Marae to launch five new homes

A Bay of Plenty marae have sought accommodation for Edgecumbe flood victims. Kōkōhinau Marae in Te Teko have invested in 5 new homes soon to be opened to families who were left homeless. Next month this home will welcome its first family.

Hemana Eruera of Ngāti Awa says that “this is an excellent initiative our housing project has come alive with the financial government support. The trustees of this land have started something that can uplift not only the sub-tribe but also the Marae.”

The homes are owned and run by the Kōkōhinau Papakainga Trust, they'll be rented out to families in need. “These homes are two bedrooms, however we have large families' sometimes five, six, eight children that is where the regulations for these homes come into play.

One of those regulations is that no more than four people are to be in this home.” This project addresses the housing issue in the area. “Te Pahipoho, sub-tribe of Ngāti Awa really came together in order to help those who were affected by the floods last April, during which the wall on the river bank broke away causing flooding.” The blessing for the homes is set to take place in April.