Kōwhiri 14 - Family Violence and Child Poverty among important issues for Te Tai Hauāuru voters

Family Violence, Child Poverty and Education are the issues voters in the Te Tai Hauāuru electorate deem most important. Native Affairs revealed the results of the Kōwhiri 2014 exclusive poll results last night in the second of its seven Māori Electorate debate specials.

96% of voters strongly believe that Family Violence is the most important issue that needs addressing, this was an issue that Te Tai Tonga voters also rated highly in the first Kōwhiri 14 debate special.  Child Poverty and Education were also highlighted as a major issue at 95% , followed closely behind by Te Reo Māori and The Cost of Living at 93% . Māori Unemployment came in at fourth place on 90%.

The four leading Te Tai Hauāuru candidates vying for the region are Chris Mckenzie of the Māori Party, Labour's Adrian Rurawhe, Jack Tautokai McDonald of the Greens and Mana's Jordan Winiata. They joined Native Affair's host, Mihingarangi Forbes and when given the opportunity to share their thoughts on these matters outlined by their own people, they spoke of how they would put strategies in place to ensure these issues aren't as prevalent as they are today.

The poll results also showed that the Māori Party's Chris McKenzie is in the lead with 32%, followed by Adrian Rurawhe of the Labour Party on 29%. In third place with 11% is Jack McDonald of the Greens with Mana's Jordan Winiata coming in closely behind on 10%.

This coming Monday the 1st of September will see the Waiariki candidates face off in the third 1 hour special and all the debates will be simulcast on Māori Television and www.maoritelevision.com