Kruger welcomes HRC report on Operation 8

By Heeni Brown

Tamati Kruger welcomes the Human Rights Commission's report.

The Commission received 31 complaints related to the 2007 raids and have made five recommendations to help ensure negative impacts are minimised in the future.

The Human Rights Commission has also said that on the positive side, much progress has been made since 2007, and they welcome changes made by police to their processes and policies to ensure a situation like the 2007 raids doesn't happen again.

The Commission is aware that police and Tūhoe leadership are focussed on reconciliation, and while the Commission supports this, Tamati Kruger says it's unlikely that these issues will be resolved in his lifetime.

Kruger says it's time to rebuild their trust in and relationship with the law, and that's the major focus for the people of Ruatoki at present.