LAB finalist at Vodafone Music Awards

By Regan Paranihi

The country's top musicians will be celebrating their achievements at the Vodafone Music Awards tonight in Auckland. More than forty musicians are up for an award and among them is all rounder popular Bay of Plenty band LAB.

An honour that has highlighted another achievement for this popular band.

Joel Shadbolt (vocals and lead guitar) says, "It's amazing to be recognised, just to be selected is enough.

"It'll be amazing if we won something, because we've worked hard and it'll just sit on the shelf, and be like that was a moment in time we'll recognize forever."

Their hit single 'Controller' has been on the tongues of many of their fans and they say it's likely to be the crowd favourite at the moment.

Shadbolt continues, "Its one of these songs that people come up to us and they go 'man there's something about that song that touches here'."

Brad Kora (drums) says, "Real powerful song, some people have some real personal issues about the song, so it kind of touches them and then they will tell us their story and then its like 'oh that's deep but its cool'."

Authenticity is key for LAB. That's what makes them unique and makes them stand out from the rest.

Kora says, "We still try and have that old school kind of like do it ourselves. It's a lot harder I guess but I think we wouldn't want it any other way because we can take ownership of what we do its 100% us.

The band say they have a lot more work a head of them.

Shadbolt continues,  "We've got goals of another two albums in the next two to three years, getting to Europe to tour so this is just the start for us."

Could there be a te reo Māori song in the future?

Kora answers, "That's not a bad idea aye? I need some help but I'm willing to do it."

However, they're excited to see everyone and have a good time tonight.

Shadbolt concludes, "It's going to be great, its just like a catch up with everybody. That's why we love the awards because we get to have a beer and hang out."

The awards kick off at 8.30 pm tonight.