L.A.B set to release a new album

By Mahina Hurkmans
L.A.B get ready for the recent NZVMA Awards / Photo - Facebook (L.A.B)

The popular band L.A.B is set to launch their third Album in three years this Friday.

This morning we caught up with L.A.B’s lead singer Joel Shadbolt to talk about the album, and their up and coming tour.

“It’s been an amazing ride man yeah it’s been incredible.

“We decided when we started L.A.B, to do three albums in three years. This is the last leg of that goal. So yeah it comes out on Friday, so we are excited.”

On the 20th of this month they will kick start their tour and they have seen no matter how big or how intimate their concerts are, people are really enjoying their music.

“We've got about sixteen shows this summer, starting off in Whakatane. It’s going to be our first time actually playing in Whakatane. Both of those shows are sold out.”

They have achieved their goal they set in the beginning and now they have other goals to chase.

“A lot of things like an EP or a live kind of session kind of thing. So I think there’s a lot of stuff kind of floating around at the moment.

“We’ve achieved those goals, and now it’s about setting new goals, and new horizons, touring. We want to get over to Europe maybe head to the States.”

L.A.B will finish their summer tour in March 2020 in Wellington