Labour Māori seat MPs to stay off the list

By Heta Gardiner

Kelvin Davis will be back on the Labour list, but his colleagues won't be following suit.

Te Kāea spoke to three of Davis’ Māori seat colleagues today, who were all insistent that they will not be putting their names back on the list, even if the party constitution states that Davis will need to go on the list at number two.

According to Labour's constitution, Davis will need to be put on the list at number two after being declared the party's new deputy leader.

The other five Māori seat MPs are expected to stay off the list.

Ikaroa-Rawhiti MP Meka Whaitiri says there are benefits to being off the list. 

But it is those same names that will be bumped down when Kelvin Davis go back on the list.

At the moment, Willow-Jean Prime is the highest ranking Māori on the list at 16.

Kiri Allen and Willie Jackson are also in the top 21.

But when Kelvin Davis returns to the list, Willow-Jean Prime and all those Māori members will go down a spot.

Davis says he will not resist going back on the list if that’s what the constitution stipulates. “I won't be fighting it if it's in the constitution, there are more important issues to be worrying about.”