Lake Taupō properties subject to arson

By Te Ao - Māori News

Lake Taupō properties have been the target of arson over the past week and local Police are asking for help from the public.

On Sunday 12 January, intentionally-lit fires damaged five properties on the eastern side of Lake Taupō - in Tauranga, Taupō, Waitetoko and Hatepe.

One Hatepe family made a lucky escape as a fire was lit while they were asleep inside their home.

They managed to leave the house without injury or loss of life, but Police are still concerned.

Two houses involved in the spate of fires were completely destroyed.

Detective Sergeant Andy Livingstone confirmed a full investigation is underway.

Police are asking to hear from anyone who saw vehicles travelling on and around State Highway 1 in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“In particular Police are interested in any vehicles entering or leaving the settlements of Hatepe, Waitetoko and Tauranga Taupö,” says Detective Sergeant Livingstone.

“We would especially be keen to hear from anyone with dashcam footage that may have captured vehicle details.

“And of course, if anyone has any other information about these arsons or the people involved, we would strongly urge you to come forward and share that information with Police.”

Anyone with information should get in touch with Taupö Police by calling 10-5.