Land Information NZ suspends eviction of elderly Māori tenant

By Mānia Clarke-Mamanu

Land Information NZ (LINZ) has suspended eviction proceedings while rehousing options for elderly Māori tenant, Miriama Solomon, are explored.

The pensioner faced finding a new home after eviction by court bailiffs was scheduled for this morning.

Miriama Solomon says, “They said they've stopped the bailiffs from coming to evict me and they will look for another home for me.”

Green Party MP Marama Davidson showed her support today and says bullying tactics were used against the vulnerable.  She says, “I'm glad to see they've bowed to public pressure due to the support of her family and community.”

A statement LINZ said: "We've followed a clear process and done what we can to make the transition easier for Mrs Solomon, including giving her information about alternative accommodation offered by other groups and agencies."

While today is a temporary reprieve for Miriama, her family believes an apology is needed.

Next Tuesday, a Tenancy Tribunal hearing will be held with a dispute against LINZ agents which includes harassment and rent arrears.