Last chance to change to Māori electoral roll

By Jessica Tyson

Māori voters have until Thursday to decide which electoral roll they want to be on - the Māori or the general roll.

National Manager of Enrolment and Community Engagement Mandy Bohté says once this option closes, Māori voters over 18 will have to wait another five years to decide what roll they want to be on.

“The next opportunity will be in 2024, so the choice you make now decides which roll you will be on for the next two general elections."

Those who wish to be on the Māori roll will vote for the candidate in the Māori electorate they reside and general voters will vote for the candidate in the general electorate they reside.

Campaign ambassador Anton Mathews says, “The Māori roll and the general roll is a big deal.”

“For us Māori, we have two options that we are able to vote in.  One is the Māori option and the other is the general option.  The difference between the two rolls are the people who stand in each region. However, there is no difference in the vote.”

Campaign ambassador Mona-Pauline Mangakahika told Rereātea that people have to have a direct lineage to a Māori ancestor to be on the Māori roll.

Voters who wish to change roll types can do so by returning the letter sent to Māori voters in April. The fastest way to return a form is to scan or photograph it and either email it to, or upload it at    

For more information or to request an enrolment form, visit, or call 0800 36 76 56.