Last chance to enrol to vote in first Flag Referendum

The first referendum on the New Zealand flag starts this week and those who want to vote only have a few days left to enrol.

Chief Electoral Officer, Robert Peden says, “If you’re not enrolled yet, this is your absolute last chance to get on the roll and ready to vote in the first referendum on the New Zealand flag.” 

Voting papers will be sent out from this coming Friday 20 November, however they'll only be sent to those who enrol by Thursday.  These will be the only people allowed to vote in the first referendum. 

Voters will be choosing which of the five alternative flag designs will go through to the second referendum in March next year.  Come March, voters will then choose between the current New Zealand flag and the most preferred alternative from the first referendum.

If you wish to vote you can head along to the Elections website or visit a Postshop to complete an enrolment form.

Four final alternative flags were chosen earlier on in the year, and in September, the Red Peak flag was added as a fifth option.  Parliament resumed under urgency to push legislation through to introduce the controversial outsider to the voting paper.

Last month, Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown initiated an event where all five flag options flew above Wellington Town Hall. 

She said it enabled the public to view the flags "in action" and help make a more informed decision on the quality of each design.