Lawyer reveals more details in Sir Ngatata Love case

updated By Heeni Brown, Heta Gardiner

Struck-off lawyer Shaan Stevens presented more details in the Sir Ngatata Love at Wellington's High Court.

Stevens claims that funds intended for lawyers and consultant fees were instead transferred to a joint bank account belonging to two personal trusts of Sir Ngatata Love and his partner Lorraine Skiffington.

Stevens told the High Court that Ms Skiffington had said: "Dr Love and I need that money to purchase this house. Dr Love deserves this money." 

Love is facing two fraud charges relating to payments made by an Auckland Property Developer, Redwood, during his time as the Chair of the Wellington Tenths Trust.

The Crown claims Love showed favour to Redwood and did not disclose payments totalling $1.5million.

This morning Stevens told the court his relationship with Love and Ms Skiffington was like being tied to an elephant.

Stevens had taken on Ms Skiffington as a consultant at his company, Guinness Gallagher. 

On Monday, Ngatata Love left the court proceedings after feeling ill because of heart problems.

Yesterday he was due to be examined by his cardiologist and his lawyers have told us they are confident he'll be back in court today.

In 2008 Love was knighted  for his services to Māori and became Principal Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit.

The trial is expected to last up to three weeks.