Layzie Bone's first solo tour in New Zealand

American Hip Hop artist Layzie Bone received a warm welcome from members of Te Arawa in Rotorua today. The artist who stems from the 90s rap group Bone Thugs n Harmony will be performing at Kalah Bar tonight.

A traditional welcome to acknowledge Layzie Bone's first solo tour to New Zealand.

“That custom it's beautiful I'm glad that we can experience that and I'm glad that you know just to be part of a family vibe like that and see the unity and was cohesiveness and how tight that was is really, really eye-opening.”

It's his second time in New Zealand but it's a first for his wife.

“I've never seen a welcome something like that it was warm, chills, great experience,” says Layzie Bone’s wife, Felicia Lindsey,

As a hip-hop artist, Layzie Bone is known primarily for being a member of the group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. In 2013, he began focussing on being a solo artist and hopes to perform new material here in NZ. 

“Well I'm happy to be here in New Zealand with my people all the way from Cleveland, you know how we do man I got to keep them believing but Shuck know what it is we don't give a #*%@.  But we don't get them bucks thou.  We just talking, that's talking rapping now!” says Layzie Bone.

Layzie Bone travels to Wellington tomorrow.