Leadership debacle continues for Māori Party

So far Pita Sharples has a lot to smile about as he remains a leader of the pack.

Following the Māori Party's failure to resolve the leadership spat between Pita Sharples and Te Ururoa Flavell, an alternative option was tabled at its special meeting two days ago.

Tukoroirangi Morgan who chaired the hui says a paper was tabled, “which allows for the co-leadership to be removed from both Pita and Tariana and for them to go to a model where the three of them, Te Ururoa, Pita, and Tariana have clear defined roles.”

However, Tariana Turia has voiced her opinion on the leadership of the Māori Party and it doesn't include Pita Sharples, she made a clear statement last December calling for Sharples to step aside.

Under the proposal being deliberated, the Māori Party would abolish its leadership, specifically the title. 

Prime Minister John Key says the issue hasn’t discouraged him from working with the party in the future, he says “it doesn't really matter how many leaders they have- I mean in the end our confidence and supply agreement provides for two places in cabinet and it would stay at two places, so that wouldn't change.”

Under parliamentary remuneration, a leader receives more pay than a standard MP. So if the leadership were to be abolished, would that also mean the pay packet?

Yes indeed, the Māori Party certainly has a much bigger issue facing it today, one which it seems won't be settled anytime soon.

Reporter: Maiki Sherman.