Leger-Walker sisters eyeing WNBA basketball but staying 'humble'

By Te Ao Toa
Krystal Leger-Walker centre and sister Charlisse right.

The Leger-Walker sisters, Krystal and Charlisse, are eyeing up the WNBA as they continue to be a dominant force for Washington State University in NCAA Women's Basketball in the United States.

Both are being touted as some of the best players to watch in their league.

"Yeah, definitely proud that me and Charlisse both got picked for those teams," says older sister Krystal. "But basically what it is is just the media over here pick who they think is to watch for the season, and Charlisse made the first team and I kind of made the second-tier team."

"Obviously, being from New Zealand, it's always cooler and better to be humble about it," Krystal says.

Charlisse says they are excited to see how their team goes this year.

"We love our teammates, we love our team and again we're just excited to see what we can do this year." 

The sisters say it would be a dream come true to make the WNBA.

"Definitely, that would be the ultimate dream to play in the WNBA. That's the best league in the world. That would be crazy, awesome," says Krystal.

"WNBA is definitely the peak, the biggest goal of mine," says Charlisse. "Like Krys was saying,  it's super hard to get into. Only 36 girls get drafted every year. That's from college but also from other professional leagues all over the world. 

"It's definitely hard to crack, but that's why I'm here in college. And that's why I picked this conference, it's one of the better conferences in the States right now," says Charlisse.