Liam Messam is jumping in the ring for his mother Wanda

By Kelvin McDonald
Photo / Supplied

Liam Messam is jumping in the ring to fight for his mum Wanda who has fostered over 20 kids, including the Chiefs legend and All Black.

"My mum's awesome because she has the biggest heart in the world, adopted five children, got a family of eight and fostered thousands of kids."

"Happy Mother's Day mum, love you heaps." 

Liam says, "She is the sweetest person you would ever meet in your life."

His backbone in his career has always been his mum. Famous for his rugby, he is now moving to professional boxing.

"Only one week out to my fight, I'm here to sharpen my spoon, I mean that axe," Liam jokes outside Hit Fitness HQ in Hamilton.

He says, "it's been good, it's been exciting" boxing training. "It's harder than footie, maybe because I'm used to footie."

"I'm loving the transition, trying to change my body. Even though it's 38 years old trying to transform into a boxer." 

Liam's looking for a knockout next weekend on Friday 13 May in Taranaki.