Liam Messam starts new sporting chapter

By Kelvin McDonald

Liam Messam is back in the ring boxing. This week's fight, dubbed Friday the 13th, was the first of many but who is next? Could it be former league star turned pro boxer Paul Gallen? 

Friday's fight was eight months in the making and the start of another sporting chapter for Messam.

"I'm not out there to impress anybody or prove to people that I can box, I'm just going out there to have fun," Messam said as he readied himself to step into the ring in Taranaki.

After the fight, Messam paid tribute to his Wellington opponent.

"It's good fun, Thomas was tough as. I enjoyed the four rounds," Messam said. "Been a long eight months."

Messam says he is not sure what the plan is from here, "I don't know, that's up to you (his trainer)."

For now, Messam at least knows what he will be doing next week.

"Back to the gym, maybe not on Monday but maybe Thursday or something. Have a few days off," he says.