List of places family with Covid-19 visited during trip to Rotorua

By Jessica Tyson

Health director-general Dr Ashley Bloomfield has updated the public with more places the Auckland family with Covid-19 visited recently visited in Rotorua.

The places are in Rotorua, Taupō and Hamilton and were visited by the family between Saturday, August 8, and Tuesday, August 11.

Saturday August 8

3.30pm -  The family checked into Wai Ora Lakeside Hotel, Rotorua

8pm Visit to Herbs and Spice Thai Restaurant, Rotorua

Sunday August 9

2.30pm – Visit to Pak n Save supermarket at Amohau Street, Rotorua

3.30pm - Visit to Heritage Farm and 3D Art Gallery, Rotorua

4pm – Visit to Skyline Gondola and Luge, Rotorua

Sunday August 10

10.30am - Sail Barbary Eco Sailing in Taupo  

3pm – Heritage Farm and 3D Art Gallery, Rotorua

7pm – visit to Burger Fuel Redwood Centre, Rotorua

Tuesday August 11

9am – On their way home, the family stopped for fuel in Hamilton

Dr Bloomfield says there are other locations the family members visited during their time away.

"However, at those locations, we are confident there was no other risk of exposure.”

He says the family members were the only people at some of these locations, while others were drive-throughs.

“For those businesses visited by the family who haven't yet been issued with an alert, the advice is the same - monitor your health and if you're unwell, ring Healthline.”

Dr Bloomfield says testing is available to any business that requires it and anyone who is symptomatic should take immediate action.