The lockdown: Cabinet confirms which businesses will stay open

By Bronson Perich

Cabinet met yesterday to clarify who can stay open during the lockdown and who must close.

While supermarkets and petrol stations stay open, it was unclear if diaries, liquor stores and bakeries would stay open. The decisions are below.

  • Dairies can remain open, with a one-in-one-out rule, and cannot sell cooked food.
  • Food delivery is prohibited, except meals-on-wheels and whole food delivery (eg subscription food boxes).
  • Every restaurant, café and bar must close all aspects of their operation.
  • Liquor stores must close, unless they are within Licensing Trust areas (in which case they can operate with a one-in-one-out rule).
  • Self-service laundries can stay open, with two metre physical distancing to be enforced.
  • Retirement villages are included as an essential service.
  • The Warehouse must close.
  • Bunnings, Placemakers, Mitre 10 and other retailers essential to the supply chain for building and construction can stay open to trade customers for essential purposes only.
  • The Tiwai Point smelter is exempt from closure.
  • NZ Steel is to shut down in a way that allows for production to recommence easily.
  • Pulp and paper plants are to shut down their non-essential elements in a way that allows for production to recommence easily, and while maintaining essential production.
  • Methanex can remain in production, but at a scale consistent with the stability of gas supply.

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