'A lot of our whānau are scared still'- Northlanders on vaccination

By Te Ao - Māori News

Tautoko FM radio host Sophia Thomas says one of the biggest kaupapa in the Northland at the moment is ongoing about the Covid vaccine and the rollout of the vaccination outreach efforts.

“It's about giving whānau the opportunity, and not letting barriers like home and clinics in town and not letting that distance between stop that.”

Thomas says these discussions are for those who want to get the vaccine, which is not everybody.

Currently; 75 per cent of the population over 12-years-old have had their first jab, however, only 52% of Māori are fully or partly vaccinated.

“A lot of our whanau are scared still,” Thomas says.

“We have anti-vaxxers, we have pro-vaxxers at our whānau here at Tautoko, and that's all good - we all have our own whakaaro and our own rights.”

Te Ao Tapatahi caught up with Sophia Thomas AKA Aunty Liveys as part of our weekly catch-ups with iwi radio stations across the motu.