Love Soup in Rotorua appeals for more emergency housing

An urgent plea for emergency housing has been issued by Love Soup Rotorua.  15 families are in need of assistance following eviction notices. Some have been in the same house for six years, now they are faced with being homeless.

Sarah (not her real for privacy purposes) has come to Love Soup Rotorua for assistance to find a rental home. 

“There are seven of us in our house at the moment and our house is up for sale. We have people coming through the real estate showing them through because she (owner) wants a quick sale for our house.”

Sarah and her family now face the possibility of being homeless.  

Love Soup Rotorua coordinator Gina Peiffer says, “Today, tomorrow I have got appointments with new families who have been hit with the 42 notices and 90 notices.”

In 2015 Trade Me's rental price index said the asking price for median weekly rent in Rotorua was $320 for a three to four bedroom house which is a 15% increase on the price being sought in 2014.

Sarah says, “My mother in law has lymphedema she cannot walk upstairs, she has limited mobility. My partner is her caregiver, my son looks after me due to my illnesses and sicknesses and he has a son as well. I also have my daughter as well and another child living with us.”

Love Soup Rotorua says that the families who have reached out to them have different needs but the fear of facing homelessness is a familiar burden.