Mackenzie Wiki out to make a special name for herself in league

By Kelvin McDonald

League legend Ruben Wiki has a daughter, Mackenzie Wiki, following in his footsteps.

She aims to play professional league in the WNRL and also in this year's world cup in England in October.

"This is my first time going for something like this. This is my second year playing. I'm the same as all these other girls, never played pro league before and really excited to. That's the goal, also to follow in my dad's footsteps as well," says Mackenzie, who is Cook Island, Māori and Samoan.

The 20-year-old says her parents are helping her learn the game, especially her famous father.

"Dad and mum actually (help me out). Both of them know a lot about league, especially, well, dad. I followed him through league ever since I was out of the womb I guess," she laughs. 

Mackenzie says her dad encourages her to make her own mark in the sport.

"My dad's always taught me to kind of follow my own name not his. That's the best standard that's he's ever given me," she says.