The magic school bus meets mātauranga Māori

By Rukuwai Tipene-Allen

Renowned Māori Astrologer, Rereata Mākiha is hitting the road to teach science and astrology from a Māori worldview.

It's the Māori magic school bus and Rereata Mākiha is the driver. 

Te Puni Kōkiri has teamed up with the astrologer in a pilot programme to share indigenous knowledge to students across New Zealand. 

Eruera Morgan of Te Puni Kōkiri says, "One of our major focuses is on education and merging mainstream education with authentic Māori worldviews and philosophies to help develop students."

The aim of the classes is to show the depth of knowledge in Māori education. 

Rereata Makiha says, the aim is "to draw their attention to Māori philosophies, to help them see that their ancestors have a wealth of knowledge."

With a shortage of Māori Language teachers in subjects like science Mākiha says Māori world-based education is the answer for Māori students.

"We know more than 700 words for winds, western philosophies don't come close to the knowledge shared by our ancestors," says Makiha.

The bus has stopped in Northland, Auckland and will head to Wellington tomorrow.