Mahuta calls for tighter monitoring of Fonterra

Labour MP for Hauraki-Waikato, Nanaia Mahuta has called for tighter regulation and monitoring of the dairy giant Fonterra following the contamination scare linked to its products.

The discovery of clostridium botulinium in a batch of whey protein concentrate which is used in Infant formula led to fears contaminated products could result in botulism, a potentially fatal disease.

In a Native Affair’s political debate special, Mahuta expressed her concern as a mother who had used the potentially affected product to feed her baby and called for more efficient expedient information as parents across the country are extremely concerned for their childrens well-being.  She says the information was made available far too slowly and more efforts needed to be made to give parents around the country all the correct information they needed.

Fonterra issued a recall of the following products:

  1. Nutricia Karicare Stage 1 New Baby Infant Formula (from birth)
  2. Nutricia Karicare Gold+ Stage 2 Follow On Formula (from six months)