Man Up using facebook to raise awareness

By Heeni Brown

Man Up Tū Tangata Aotearoa have chosen the youth, mens and womens correction facilities in Wiri as a platform to raise awareness around their rehabilitation programme for dysfunctional men.

Man up are also spreading their message via social media platform Facebook to reach out to some of New Zealand's most troubled men.

Caine Warren who is Man Up's national director says, "Our position here today is to let people know and whānau know we can actually help turn men around from sort of walking down those pathways into prison and help them get back home where it really matters."

According to Warren, when it comes to funding the programme relies on offerings from Destiny Church and donations. 

"On a Man Up session you'd expect to first of all heaps of aroha, you're coming into an environment that's non-judgemental and we talk about topics relating to life and not just surface topics." 

"We're talking about deep rooted things particularly with men around their behaviours, jealousy possessiveness, addictions, a whole array of things that are obviously getting our men into internal prisons." 

"We find that they're finding an ability to set themselves free because other men are sharing their stories so it's not about harden up bro it's about open up." 

There are around 70 Man Up groups operating across Auckland and at least five Man Up groups in every city throughout New Zealand.

Man Up is a 15 week program to help men who are struggling with issues like violence, anger, neglect or addiction to drugs, alcohol or pornography. 

The programme also deals with men who aren't able to function as partners, husbands and fathers.

"I don't think it's about having more prisons at all, the answer is to provide more intervention, more support for whānau. What works for Man Up is that you've actually got people here that have either been through the system in some shape or form and have the answer and wanting to share that with the other men, other women and other families."

Man Up will be holding their 'We Stand Because We Care' event Nov, 25 where they expect more people to join the movement.