MANA looks ahead at AGM

By Maiki Sherman
MANA Party AGM 2015

Following the MANA Party's devastating defeat at last year's general election, how does it plan to rebuild and return to the forefront of New Zealand politics?

The MANA Party has launched into its AGM agenda today and leader Hone Harawira has outlined the need to continue pushing the movements core issues, including its Feed The Kids policy.

Following Hone Harawira's loss in the Te Tai Tokerau electorate, Green Party  co-leader Metiria Turei took his Feed The Kids Bill to its first reading. Although the Bill failed to gain majority support in Parliament, Hone Harawira says the fight doesn't end there.

"Anybody going in to parliament with the assumption they're going to change things, no offence guys, they're kidding themselves."

Former president Annette Sykes raised the issue of water rights and interests, citing what she claims as the exploitation of the Porotī Springs by overseas corporations as an example.

"How much money comes back to the owners of the land? Zero," she says. 

Despite the party's continued commitment to advocate for the most vulnerable, it was clear the party is feeling the loss of Hone Harawira in parliament.

"It's disappointing of course that we don't have Hone's voice in there and were suffering for it," said party member Rueben Taipari.