Mana welcome calls to work with Māori Party

By Dean Nathan

In a speech at the tenth anniversary of his coronation, Maori King Tuheitia has called for the Mana Movement and the Maori Party to work together.

He said, "If Mana and Maori do something together we're just about there we've got Mana Maori."

It's a call that's been welcomed by the leader of the Mana Movement.  Hone Harawira says," Should we join with the Maori Party what you get is Mana Maori.  And I've spoken about this in the past and so I thank the king and his strong support for unity."

But the reaction from the leader of the New Zealand First party was from the other end of the spectrum as he addressed a meeting in Kaikohe today.

Winston Peters says, "Things are so desperate the Maori Party has now enlisted the aid of the Maori king to try and prop up the Maori Party and to keep the Government in line."

New Zealand First came up for harsh criticism in the speech by King Tuheitia, "NZ First I don't know about those fellas.  He might be a Maori but he doesn't act like one.  But he's got the right name you know New Zealand First we were here first."

Winston Peters says, "This is only going to lead to tears. What you've got is the Kingitanga Movement being manipulated by Tuku Morgan who hasn't got the best political brain in town.  And it's gonna lead to tears you mark my words."

Meanwhile, Hone Harawira agrees that working with the Maori Party could enable them to lift the title of "kingmaker" off  Winston Peters in the upcoming national election.  "Shortly you will see a return to mana Maori motuhake as a critical and very important concept to benefit the Maori world."