Mangamuka shows resilience following recent Covid-19 case

By Te Ao - Māori News

The small Northland town of Mangamuka has recently become a location of interest after a local woman tested positive for covid-19.

She proactively announced the test result on the Managamuka Facebook community page and received mainly mostly positive responses for her honesty.

Mangamuka local and radio announcer at Tautoko FM Sophia Thomas. said the woman being proactive about her movements and how it came to Taitokerau had been really good.

“And it’s not like she got it on purpose, she was just picking up her girl from kura, which is just a natural thing that a māmā does.”  

Thomas says this event has brought the small town of Mangamuka together and made it more proactive over reassurance of whanau and the love they have for each other.

"For whanau in Mangamuka and a community coming together to show resilience and showing that’s it’s okay because we’ve got your back, has been the biggest outcome of our whānau having Covid-19 in Mangamuka.

"I myself am fully vaccinated but I just wanted to let everyone know that whether they are vaccinated or not, they are still loved."